Frequently Asked Questions

What type of storage does Swap A Top offer?

Swap A Top has two types of packages, Day Pass and Freedom. All packages include removal and installment done by one of our techs. Our standard packages, Day Pass and Freedom, are for tops only, while Day Pass+ and Freedom+ are for tops and doors.

Day Pass storage is temporary storage in which you can store your tops, and doors, for up to five days. The Day Pass storage has no contract, and is a great option for someone that's wanting to store their top/doors just for something like the weekend or a special event.

Freedom storage is ongoing storage for tops and doors. Freedom storage is a yearly contract with a monthly fee, and is the perfect option for someone that has multiple tops/doors. This storage package relieves you from having to find a space to safely store your items, 
and also gives you the option to switch them out as you'd like throughout the year.

Does Swap A Top require rental insurance?

While we don't require it, we highly recommend for you to have insurance covering the items stored in your space. 
If you need help getting insurance let us know, we'll be happy to get you started.

Am I able to rent more than one space at a time?

Yes, absolutely! The spaces will be listed and billed for under the account of the individual who reserves them. 

What do I do if I no longer am in need of my space?

As sad as we'd be to see you go, we understand. If you wish to not renew your rental term, we ask for 60 days of either email or written notice. Notice can be emailed to or mailed to the business address.

Payment Questions

What types of payment are accepted?

You are able to make a reservation or begin a rental by using credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover) or ACH payment. 
We unfortunately do not accept check or cash at this time. Payments can be made online through your account portal. 
Over the phone payments are only taken for those who are in risk of nearing a lien.

What happens if I miss a payment?

Rent is due each month on the 1st day of every month. If your account becomes past due, you'll receive an email notification about your account status asking that you make a payment. On the 5th day past the due date, a late fee of $20 will be issued to your account.
 Late fees cannot be waived and a payment of the balance in full must be made to avoid lien, no partial payments will be accepted. 
Please note that access to your space will be locked until your account is brought current.

How does Swap A Top provide communication about late payments?

Swap A Top will provide email notice with current account status the 1st day and 5th day following a missed payment. If an account is still unpaid on the 10th day past a due date, an email will be sent as well as a physical letter via certified mail to the address on file.